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Why The City Of London Is Such An Attractive Tourist Destination


Why The City Of London Is Such An Attractive Tourist Destination

With a population of just under 9 million people, the city of London is by far the most populous urban area in the United Kingdom -and that number is swelled by the millions of tourists that visit it each year to explore its many wonders. Those wonders include incredible cultural and historic attractions, some of the world’s best restaurants and pulsating nightlife.

london skyline

Those in search of historical attractions will be spoiled for choice in the city of London. It will also not disappoint when it comes to attractions such as museums and art galleries – and as a bonus, many of these (like the National Gallery and the British Museum) are free to visit.

Those wanting to destress and combine a day out in nature with some great historical attractions will find that London’s 3,000 public parks offer opportunities galore – both to simply explore or to take a seat on a park bench and watch the world go by.

Foodies will be delighted at the sheer variety of cuisine that is on offer in London. Casual dining destinations abound – but for those who are willing to put a dent in their bank balance, London has Michelin-starred restaurants galore. Aiming for the very best will see visitors take a seat at eateries such as Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester – which has three of the coveted Michelin stars. Chef Hélene Darroze provides exceptional cuisine at the Connaught. The caviar and langostine is particualrly fabulous. However, don’t ignore the humble fish and chips that can be purchased at a myriad of outlets across the city. The pubs alone are worthy of an entire week of exploration.

Exploring on foot is the perfect way to experience London. It is one of those cities that provides a new wonder around each corner. It is simply one of those places that every person should visit at least once.


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