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What You Need To Know About Fibroblast Treatments

We specialize in non-surgical plasma fibroblast skin-tightening procedures to lift and tighten sagging skin. The professional medical spa provides plasma fibroblast treatments to clients that reside in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area 

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If you are looking for a way to tighten loose skin around your lower and upper eye-lids, your jawline, lower face, abdomen, or neck, these fibroblast treatments might be just the right solution for you. Our team of trained, knowledgeable, and experienced cosmetic dermatology professionals will let you know whether you are a candidate for plasma fibroblast treatments that provide permanent and instant results.

Friendly Service that put me at ease. The results are amazing, removing a lot of my wrinkles. My friends noticed a difference straight away!”

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The Plasma Fibroblast procedure is proven to decrease excess skin, and diminish wrinkles, and fine lines. After one of these sessions, you can expect your skin to start feeling lighter, smoother, and look younger. These treatments are slightly technical, but the Oklahoma City Specialists are here to guide you on how the process works.

If you have concerns or questions, feel free to contact us. We have a passion to make our clients look and feel more confident, and this is possible with the expertise and the treatments that we offer.

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Fibroblast Skin Tightening works well on just about any areas of the body, for both small and large areas. For example, you can use it on a C-section scar, a full-face lift, or to remove excess skin from your hooded eyes. Fibroblast is most compatible for use on the areas with wrinkled or loose skin. In general, skin that is thinner offers more effective results. For this reason, the under-eye area and eyelids have shown the most noticeable results after just one Fibroblast session. 

Ft Lauderdale Plasma Fibroblast Treatment

Fibroblast Plasma Lift is a treatment that is minimally invasive. The device comes with a very small needle that delivers precise heat to an area of the skin in order to firm and tighten it. This device uses electrical sparks that heat the skin in tiny columns. The skin fibers are reduced, the production of collagen is boosted, which leads to the tightening or removal of sagging and excess skin.

In more technical terms, the arc from this device results in superficial damage to the skin's upper dermal layers which transmits this heat into the lower layers of your skin. This promotes the generation of collagen along with elastic fiber which most of us start losing as we start to age.

When arriving for a Fibroblast treatment, do not wear make-up and arrive with clean and clear skin. One of the beauty experts will apply an anesthetizing cream to your treatment area around 30 minutes before the process begins. Once the area is numb the session will begin. You might feel a bit of heat, which can be slightly painful or uncomfortable. The treatment times typically take between 30 to 60 minutes, which will depend on the actual treatment area.

Interested in Booking a Plasma Pen Treatment?

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