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Forehead wrinkles are caused by the action of the frontalis muscle on the forehead. This muscle contracts when we raise our eyebrows. The raising of the frontalis muscle pulls the skin of the forehead up and causes forehead wrinkles which appear as lines across our forehead.

Some people naturally tend to be more expressive, and raising their eyebrows more often causes forehead wrinkles to appear sooner.


There are a number of ways to reduce forehead wrinkles.

  • Avoid raising your eyebrows in a conscious way, as this is what causes forehead wrinkles to appear in the first place! Try instead to raise them unconsciously when you really mean it, or not at all!
  • Use moisturizer regularly. This makes forehead wrinkles less visible and your forehead skin is more elastic.
  • Use forehead creams that reduce forehead wrinkles by reducing the effect of forehead muscles, which will prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing in the future. There are forehead creams available to purchase over the counter at pharmacies and supermarkets. Keep in mind though that all forehead creams do not work for everyone because causes of forehead wrinkles vary.
  • Professional forehead creams can help forehead wrinkles by relaxing forehead muscles and reducing forehead wrinkles, but require a prescription from your doctor.
  • Facial exercises have been used to prevent forehead wrinkles from appearing for years. You should raise your eyebrows often while doing facial exercises in order to reduce forehead wrinkles. However, keep in mind that only forehead creams work on forehead wrinkles that have already appeared.

If you are “forehead wrinkle-prone” ….

Although forehead wrinkles can be prevented, some people naturally have more forehead wrinkles than others do. If forehead wrinkles appear too early in your life it is wise to avoid being expressive and try not to raise your eyebrows very often

Nowadays, plasma fibroblast is a good way to reduce forehead wrinkles because plasma fibroblast can promote collagen production.


Plasma Fibroblast use micro-current technology and thermal energy and it stimulates and reinforces the biological mechanisms of the skin by making more active the synthesis of proteins and elastin and by stimulating the endothelial cells of the blood vessels for their rejuvenation. it can work on many parts of the body prone to wrinkle include around the eyes and nose

The plasma achieves a heating effect, at a very precise temperature on each point of plasma fibroblast (45 ° C), which leads to the production of protein synthesis and collagen as well as elastin fibers in order to make forehead wrinkles disappear.


  • Plasma fibroblast treatment can achieve a skin tightening and make forehead wrinkles disappear.
  • Plasma fibroblast also has anti-aging effect and reduced the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles, deep wrinkles , Wrinkles around the nose and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Plasma Fibroblast treatment is a non-surgical face lifting treatment.

You will have plasma fibroblast with the use of plasma fibroblast machine which is painless and you can relax during plasma Fibroblast treatment.

There are some slight side effect but it is safe and comfortable.

The most common plasma fibroblast side effects include redness, swelling,

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It is a Revolutionary treatment and beauty game changer!!!

Fibroblast-Skin tightening treatment is NON-invasive or NON-surgical procedure where no scalpels or any surgical instruments are used.

Fibroblast is basically an electrical arc that is transmitted through a small probe. This innovative technique cannot cause the so-called “overlifting”, as it only affects excess/loose skin which returns to its “original state”.

The procedure can be carried out only by a certified specialist, and yes, you can become one.

CAUTION: the most profitable treatment in whole beauty industry, average income per hour is from 500-800$.

How does it work?

Fibroblast Skin-Tightening treatment uses small electric arch which is transmitted through a small probe. The probe itself doesn’t go in to the skin or even touch the skin.
Tissues treated “coagulate” & “sublimate” and we avoid spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas. The principle is to ionize gases in the air to create a small electrical arch, similar to a tiny lightning bolt, with which epidermal areas, which are affected by aesthetic problems, may be treated without spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas.
The arc causes superficial damage to the upper dermal layer of skin and transmits heat to the lower levels of skin. This causes the new skin to generate collagen and elastin fibres that can fade as we age.

How long does the treatment take?

First, the topical anaesthetic (cream) is applied, minimizing the risk of pain and numbing the treated area. The anaesthetic takes effect 20 minutes after the application. The procedure itself does not last long, 20–30 minutes depending on the area. The duration of the treatment (with anaesthetic application): 60–90 minutes.

Is any special pre-treatment needed?

There is no special pre-treatment needed. It is advisable that you do not apply any cosmetic products on the treated area (especially those containing alcohol). During the consultation you should mention all recent surgical or aesthetic procedures.

Is the procedure painfull?

Fibroblast-Skin Tightening is a NON-invasive procedure with minimal level of pain. It is virtually painless, as the treated area is numbed before the treatment. After the treatment the treated area might be slightly reddish and some patients may experience some swelling (only for areas around the eyes) . At the site of each spot a small crust will form. They should not be touched and you should wait for 4–5 days for them to fall off naturally. During the procedure the clients may feel some discomfort, not actual pain, depending on the treated area of the face/body.

Is Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment right for me?

With the help of Fibroblast-Skin Tightening instrument it is possible to treat various skin problems (acne), achieve the “lifting effect” of the loose skin or correct or remove scars …
If you suffer from any of the above mentioned and do not want to go through a traditional surgical procedure, PRIVÉ Fibroblast-Skin Tightening is right solution for you.


  • Upper eyelids
  • Lower eyelids
  • Neck tightening
  • Mid-face lifting
  • Wrinkles
  • Worry lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Smile lines
  • Labial lines
  • Belly skin reduction
  • Removal of age & sun spots (usually not on face)

It can be performed on any loose/saggy skin area

We do NOT treat MOLES and birthmarks!

Is Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment safe?

The treatment is very safe, as it is a non-surgical procedure. It has a negligible amount of possible side effects and serious complications alike. The procedure is based on the natural stimulation of skin regeneration, so the excesses which may be seen in the world of traditional surgery are not possible.
The Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment takes a very short time, with stress on the aftercare, as, in case the client neglects the instructions for aftercare, the treated area may suffer from: inflammation, hyper-pigmentation, scarring …

Are there any possible side effects of the Fibroblast-Skin tightening treatment?

The Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment is an exceptionally safe procedure with virtually no side effects or they occur very rarely. Possible side effects are inflammation, scarring or minor change in skin pigmentation, which is very rare. It is highly important for each client to follow the instructions for aftercare closely. Crusts which occur after the treatment are part of the treatment and will fall off after 4–5 days. Minor swelling after treating the area around the eyes is normal and will disappear after 3–5 days, depending on the client’s sensitivity.


PRIVÉ Academy proudly presents you the new after care collection.

Collection consists of three healing-based creams, that are used for

after care of FIBROBLAST SKIN-TIGHTENING treatments.

It is very important that we treat our skin well after any

cosmetic treatment, so we not only get great results, but we

protect ourselves from any complications.

All three creams are based on mild ingredients and can also be used for

other skin difficulties.

Do not pick carbon crust; it will fall off in a few days

  • After the treatment continue applying the aftercare cream on the treated area as long as it is sensitive or when you are exposed to sun, as it contains SPF and protects the treated area.
  • Avoid sauna, pools, solariums or any kind of exposure to activities which present risk for infection of the treated area
  • Make sure to protect the treated area from direct sun until the skin is completely regenerated (2–3 weeks).
  • Do not apply products containing alcohol or other scents.
  • Do not cover with plasters or covers.

May I use makeup after the Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment?

Do not use makeup after the treatment, as it generally is not sterile. First 5–6 days after the treatment, until the crusts fall off, use the antiseptic product and the aftercare cream, applying it softly to the treated area. When the crusts fall off, you may apply some makeup if necessary, as the cream the therapist gives you contains skin powder which covers the crusts and the blush.

Are the results visible immediately after the treatment?

The results are visible immediately after the treatment, but we have to inform the client that the maximum results will be visible after 3–4 weeks when the skin enters the third phase of the healing – collagen and connective tissue growth. So, results are visible immediately, but the end results follow after 3–4 weeks after the treatment.


Usually Fibroblast is 2 sessions treatment. It depends on the state of the clients’ skin and the desired degree of correction. The client is often satisfied after only one treatment, of course if, e.g. the wrinkles are not very deep, but due to the simplicity of the procedure and the affordable price the clients opt for two or even three treatments to achieve a perfect result. The procedure may be repeated after the skin is fully regenerated. Generally 2 sessions are required.

How long will the effect of the Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment last?

The results of the Fibroblast-Skin Tightening treatment are permanent and may be visible for years. But we should acknowledge that the aging process is continuous and thus the skin ages every day after the procedure and this cannot be stopped. The results of this method are permanent, but when we talk about mimic facial lines (worry lines) these may recur quickly because muscles are stronger than the skin and consequently the lines recur.
Average results last from 2-4 years

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