Plasma Fibroblast For Eye Area

Plasma Fibroblast For Eyes

Our non-surgical eyelid lift (or non-surgical blepharoplasty) is a non-invasive treatment that uses plasma fibroblast technology to tighten the sagging skin on the upper eyelids and minimise crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes. The plasma pen can also be used to treat sagging upper eyelids, wrinkles underneath the eyes and also various skin conditions and concerns (such as ageing, acne, rosacea or scarring around they eye)

The technology is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional eye lift that usually requires cutting into the skin.

The procedure is quick and takes under 30 minutes. Little to no downtime is required i.e. sutures are not necessary after the treatment. There may be some mild discomfort for a few hours afterwards (similar to the feeling of having your eyes stung, like when you get shampoo in them). Ice packs are applied at the end of the treatment to stop any swelling. After the first week or so sutures dissolve and this means there is no more pain or discomfort.

Most patients experience results within 2 weeks (although this varies from person to person) and will see their sagging skin on the upper eyelid tighten making less sagging in the future. The non-surgical, laser or plasma facelift can be a great option for anyone who is considering sagging surgery (which often has long recovery times), looking to minimise sagging skin but doesn’t want to take sagging skin too far, or who is looking to try a non-sagging surgery option before going ahead with sagging skin surgery.

Plasma Fibroblast Under Eyes

plasma pen treatment under eyes

Although the skin around your eyes is as thin as paper, it manages to be one of the most delicate and complicated areas of your face. It’s thin and sensitive yet aging makes this area loose its elasticity and become prone to sagging. Moreover, this thin skin has no oil glands which are the reasons why eye bags are caused by tiredness or dehydration.

What are Eye Bags?

Eye bags are sagging of the area under your eye, giving you a “tired” look. Because it sags, it makes your eyes appear smaller and deep-set. It also creates shadowing that emphasizes dark circles around the eyes making them look even darker and more saggy. It’s a problem that is caused by sagging of the upper eyelid and puffiness in the lower lid which of course creates sagging on its own.

What Causes Bags under eyes?

Eye bags can be hereditary, especially if your close relatives such as parents or grandparents have prominent eye bags. Aging also causes sagging of the skin around the eyes which is why most people get eye bags as they grow older. Sleep deprivation and dehydration also tend to make your eye bags worse.

Eye bags are not merely an aesthetic concern since it can be bothersome to some who would like to get rid of them, but sagging may cause more serious problems in the long run.

In most cases, sagging of the skin around your eyes is only temporary. When you get enough sleep and drink a lot of water, it will eventually go away on its own. However, if sagging is due to aging or stress, sagging may be permanent which can cause serious problems in the future such as ptosis (a drooping eyelid that covers part of the pupil), entropion (when the upper lid sags to cover part of the lower lid creating an inward-turning eye, which may cause corneal scratches) and ectropion (the under-laying sagging lower eyelid turns outwards).

If you are considering sagging treatments, the non-surgical plasma pen may be an attractive option.

Plasma pen for under eyes

The plasma pen is a non-surgical treatment first developed to treat wrinkles and sagging. It uses a CO2 plasma beam, which has been approved by the FDA as a sagginess treatment for sagging skin under the chin. This method works by using high-frequency radio waves to create microscopic points of energy that would penetrate your sagging skin without harming healthy cells. The plasma pen is effective in eliminating wrinkles but more recent studies show it may also be used to treat sagging skin on the forehead, neck and under-eye area.

Non-Surgical Plasma Pen For Eye Bags Removal

The good thing about the plasma pen is that it only takes around 15 minutes every session. For the sagging treatment, you will find it most effective when used two to three times a week for about five sessions. Most patients who had sagging around their eyes reported significant improvement within two sessions plasma pen.

Upper Eyelid plasma fibroblast treatment

This upper-eyelid skin is prone to some of the same problems as lower-eyelid skin, so it’s no surprise that upper-eyelid wrinkles, or bagginess from is one of the top complaints heard from patients. Upper-eyelid skin is thin and delicate and tends to lose elasticity with age. It’s frequently subject to more makeup application, and upper eyelid sagging or wrinkled skin is a telltale sign of aging.

upper eyelid plasma fibroblast


Crow’s feet is the term given to those fine lines around the eye area. These tiny wrinkles might also be known as “smile lines” since they’re the ones that form when we grin. While these little wrinkles may not trouble you much when you’re smiling, they’re definitely bothersome when they become permanent features of your face.


Crow’s feet are formed by a combination of aging and sun exposure. Exposure to the sun speeds up the natural aging process, causing wrinkles to form sooner than they would otherwise. In addition, as we age, collagen production in our skin decreases, making our skin less elastic and more likely to form wrinkles.

crows feet treatment with plasma pen

Want to get rid of your crow’s feet wrinkles? Do you have unwanted deep lines around the

A plasma pen is a great tool for all dermal problems and crow’s feet is only one on the long list! Here we have an excellent before and after crow’s feet example of just how effective this tool can be. As you can see from her photos before she had very pronounced crow’s feet with a lot of creasing around the eye area. After just 1 plasma pen treatment crow’s feet has been erased, the creasing has all but disappeared and her skin looks amazing! This is crow’s feet after 1 plasma pen treatment.